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Writing Services


I've created, reviewed, and edited many nonfiction book proposals. Most of my own books started out as proposals. Nonfiction book proposals run about ten pages and need to contain certain elements to catch the attention of an agent or editor. If you are working on nonfiction book proposal and would like me to take a look, please contact me by sending an e-mail to me on the contact page. We can discuss your needs and my fees.


Do you have a hospital scene in your book? Does one of your characters have a particular illness or taking medication? Is the doctor discussing a patient's condition with the Candy Striper? Make your narrative as realistic as possible. I've seen scenes on TV where the patient's heart is beating 110 times a minute and the nurse yells, "Call a code! Get the defibrillator!" Wrong.

If one of your characters has a medical or health issue and you want to get it right, let's talk. I recently read a very nice novel where someone tells a girl not to drink from the water fountain in a third world country because she would get malaria! Comes from mosquitoes, folks, not dirty water! If it's wrong, someone is sure to notice.

Professional Activities Related to Nursing

I recently visited the nursing department of a small private university in Southern California to interview the Dean of Nursing, head of marketing, and half a dozen nursing students. I'd been contracted to write a new marketing brochure and a video script promoting the nursing school. This was a lovely and challenging experience and the resultant materials turned out very well, thanks not just to my interviews and writing, but to the use of top notch graphic designers.

I've researched and written profiles for a website devoted to informing interested people and students about nursing practice and nursing education in most states.

I write continuing education articles (some are multidisciplinary) for a leading nursing journal with extensive distribution in both hard copy and electronic formats. Topics have included professional issues such as The Future of Nursing Report and the Nurses' Bill of Rights, as well as clinical issues such as vertigo, hyperbaric medicine, malaria and influenza.

Please contact me at: goldwright@comcast.net for further information or to discuss possible projects.